Fontányi Vinery

Professional experience and innovation

The Fontányi Winery has been a family business (József Fontányi-vitreous winemaker, Otto Fontányi agricultural engineer, Ivett Fontányi horticultural engineer) for generations. We have increased and developed the area inherited from the grandparents into 40 hectares of planting.

The past, which is present every day, if you look down at the historic castle and combine the innovative technological elements of the present, is also decisive in our winemaking. We strive to find harmonious combinations of these two and to produce quality wines of always fair variety character.

In the care of our areas, in addition to traditional non-abandonable manual work, the most modern machines are almost the first to be used and used in the wine region. We take great care to cultivate and care for our plantations because we believe that only good quality, healthy curls can be used to make good wine.


Classicus Dry Red wine

Fontányi Villányi Cabernet Franc

If  Villány, cabernet franc! If cabernet franc, it’s Villány!
Cabernet franc is a world variety that rarely appears on its own. Not so in the Villanyi wine country, where you found your natural home.
Thanks to the special region of the wine region, its climate and its creative winemakers, wine made from 100% cabernet franc is called – Villanyi Franc. In this elegant wine we can honor the leading product of the wine region.

Current release

``Primary grape flavourings are the key to produce clean, fruity and well-understood wines``


Red wines

  • Villányi Syrah
  • Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Villányi Cabernet Franc


White wines

  • Pannon Olaszrizling
  • Pannon Chardonnay
  • Pannon Ottonel Muskotály

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The diversity of our dunes allows you to make unique character wines and to experiment with blending.