The diversity of our dunes allows you to make unique character wines and to experiment with blending.

One half of the fontányi winery is located in the Máriagygyd-Siklós region, where we grow varieties with white wines typical of the region, whose fullness and beautiful acids are almost unparalleled.

The other half is located on the mountain of Kisharsány, where the plantations that produce red wine are typically found, these wines are characterized by fine spiciness and physicality.


The slopes of the mountain oustle with limestone bedrock are covered with loess and clay of alternating thickness.
One of the features of the wine region is the presence of geothermal heat. The whole wine region is rich in heat sources and the soil is rich in water vessels.


An area with a moderately warm and wet climate with a specific microclimate.
The climatic and soil conditions of the slopes of the mountain are favourable conditions for professional wine growing..

33 hectares of planting

Ottonel Muskotály 4ha
Olaszrizling 8 ha
Chardonnay 3 ha
Kékfrankos 4 ha
Cabernet Sauvignon 5 ha
Cabernet Franc 9 ha


Almost half of our plantations have been renewed in the last 10 years.
The old tables were replaced by plantations with a medium-high cordon, 2,2 m narrow line, above 5000 capital/ha

Wine region

The wine region of Villány-Siklós is the southernmost wine region of Hungary with a Mediterranean climate.
There is a tradition of grape growing here for thousands of years, since even the Romans have recognized the ideal geographical and soil conditions of the region.

Villany Mountains

The vineyards are spread over the southern slopes of the Villanyi Mountains for 25 km.
The plantations of Máriatle and Siklós were mainly known for their white wines, while the areas up to Villány were famous for their red wines as early as the 1840s.


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H-7800 Siklós, Csukma Dűlő 150.


“Grapes and wine have been connected to human existence in a cultic way for thousands of years, our job is to make the best possible out of it every year.”

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